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Sir Ian Bowler explains what a ‘coalition’ is to the dullards at Wordia…

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  • Just heard the third person tonight describe Kraftwerk as "dressing in an androgynous manner." In the words of Inigo Montoya... 3 hours ago
  • 2am Twitter thoughts. "You're wasting these. Try them again with the morning crowd." 3 hours ago
  • The most shattering experience of a young man's life when he awakes and quite reasonably says to himself "I will never play Frankenfurter" 3 hours ago
  • RT @MrDDyer: Well that was weird. Found a lovely pond/lake not a fucking duck in sight. Maybe they was shy.....or maybe they was arrogant..… 3 hours ago
  • If anyone wants a masterclass in how to deal with a hostile interview, Yanis Varoufakis gave one on Newsnight tonight. 3 hours ago

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