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Sir Ian Bowler explains what a ‘coalition’ is to the dullards at Wordia…

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  • RT @sirianbowlermp: BREAKING: Sir Ian Bowler MP defecates to UKIP! Rebel backbencher says "nothing helps the turds slip out like the sound … 2 days ago
  • Overheard outside Wetherspoons Redhill: "Do you remember how good those Fridays were, in the good, old days?" "When?" "Like four weeks ago." 2 days ago
  • RT @AbiWilks: People talking about race and religion but not class and gender in the Rotherham report: your agenda is completely transparen… 2 days ago
  • Why are we now describing it is as "the fear of being seen as racist" rather than "the fear of being racist"? 2 days ago
  • RT @TonyCowards: "Net migration to the UK soars by 39%" When are the government going to stop all these nets flooding into our country? 2 days ago

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