“Fucking amazing.” Mark Thomas, Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast

“An angry masterpiece.” Radio Times

“His veins throb and his eyes bulge as he harrumphs his way through his personal manifesto against political correctness. He’s imperialistic, homophobic and sexist – and very, very funny. The comically exaggerated opinions crystalise into wonderful one-liners, including a gag about his ‘handicapped boy’ which you’ll definitely remember for a long time to come… A powerhouse performance, and funny with it.” Chortle

**** “This is genuinely funny stuff… Tapley is always nicely in control of his character and material… [a] marvellous hour of comedy.” Broadway Baby

“Nathaniel Tapley is an absolute joy to watch as the cat who guzzles a never-ending supply of martini. He even looks feline.” Pinkwire

“Nathaniel Tapley delivered a topical comedy set of considerable class. With material as up to date as the Libyan no-fly zone, his punchlines repeatedly hit their targets.” The Stage

“Best of all is Nathaniel Tapley as Dave the Cat – all smoking jacket and martini glass, channeling John Sessions’ tongue-in-cheek sense of superior detachment.” Broadway World: West End

“Big laughs” Arthur Smith

“Nathaniel Tapley’s Dave the Cat is an delight, wryly implying that this nonsense is utterly beneath him.” Gay Times

“Great.” Evening Standard

“Nathaniel Tapley as Dave the cat is one of the loveliest and naughtiest pussies ever to be seen on stage.” Remote Goat

“I instantly warmed to Nat, he had such enthusiasm and commitment, it was impossible not to like him… Alarming , yet hilarious… I am pretty confident that Nat is a fan of The League of Gentlemen as there was a lot of material that would not be out of place in that series. It was a great show – just the right level of terrifying for a coward like myself.” Impromptyou

“Nathaniel Tapley was the perfect contrast to the bigger, brasher characters and his dry witticisms are brilliantly timed. Again, his improvisational skills are hilarious and he is superbly watchable.” What’s Peen Seen

“IF YOU like your comedy as dark and bitter as the purest black chocolate then In The Gloaming will be just to your taste… The one-man show at the Arundel Festival, written and performed by the genius that is Nathaniel Tapley, is rich with black humour – but so strong that many maiden aunts, and even some who are a little worldly wise, might find themselves shocked into an early grave. It’s not for the faint-hearted. Death is a recurring theme as Mr Tapley relives some of his finest monthly podcasts which have won a cult following on the internet and beyond. But religion, politics, murder, and perversion of all types have the spotlight shone upon them as Mr Tapley recalls ghosts of the past to narrate their shocking tales. Mr Tapley is an extraordinarily skilled actor and polished writer with a gimlet wit – but unlike many comedians there is nothing reassuringly safe about his material. Michael McIntyre he is not.” The West Sussex Gazette

“The best… is the young comic playing the role of Tory MP Sir Ian Bowler. A cross between Alan B’stard and Francis Urquhart from House of Cards, he is alternately smarmy and hysterical. His rant about the Olympic Games… was the most amusing thing in the show.” Tribune

” The political comedy sketches were well received by the packed out crowd, particularly when Nat Tapley took on the persona of Conservative MP ‘Sir Ian Bowler’.” Festivals For All

“There was a whole haunted house worth of weird, dead people, mostly with a penchant for some kind of crime, which he used for a bit of close-to-the-bone social commentary. The impressions were excellent and there were some well thought out puns… A very original piece of comedy.” Latest 7

“Last but definitely not least was Nathaniel Tapley as a posh MP on the stump. Fans of Tapley’s comedy/horror podcast saw a different side with the wannabe Member coming across as a contemporary Alan B’Stard, vociferously denying any wrongdoing on his own or party’s account before bursting into a song that brought back memories of Spitting Image at its finest.” The Londonist

“A pure joy from start to finish.” Marci Kesserich, Amazon.com

“Tapley’s sparkling script is thoroughly revelled in by the cast, all of whom seem to be having more fun than should be allowed.” Will Michaels, Cherwell

“Insipid comedy characters…” Garry Bushell