I write comedy (mainly) for television, radio, the Interwebs, print publications, various actual stages with human people on them, and other things. Here’s some information about some of those things:

The Revolution Will Be Televised (BBC3) – I contributed additional material to the BAFTA-winning BBC3 prank show, which aired in August 2012.

The News Quiz (BBC Radio 4) – I have written additional material for the much-loved Radio 4 topical panel show.

Dick & Dom’s Funny Business (BBC 2 & CBBC) – I was a writer-performer on the first series of Dick & Dom’s Funny Business, mainly doing a character called Gary, the Useless Lion.

Gigglebiz (CBeebies) – I was a writer on the first sketch show ever to be aimed at 2 – 6 year olds. It stars Justin Fletcher, and can usually be found somewhere on CBeebies or iPlayer.

Tonightly (Channel 4) – As one of the writer-performers on Tonightly, I wrote my own segments for the show, and occasionally helped with other jokes. Because I’m nice like that. If you’d like to buy a DVD, there’s an affiliate link here: Best Of Tonightly [DVD]

The Spectator Arts Blog – I give occasional opinion pieces about the arts and comedy to The Spectator Arts Blog. Some get republished on my blog.

Class (CBBC) – Class was my first scripted half-hour sitcom to be broadcast. It starred Sam and Mark of ‘being Sam and Mark’ fame, was aired in March 2009, and my name was mis-spelled in the credits. But it is me… (Don’t think it’s available anywhere, but I’ve got a DVD I could describe to you, if you’d like…)

My Lighthouse (Radio 2) – This play won the Radio 2 Imagine radio drama competition in 2006. The script is available at Writers’ Room.

In The Gloaming Podcasts – I write and direct the In The Gloaming podcasts. I think they are truly a thing of wonder. Why not pop over to the site and sample one from the Podcast Archive now?

The Meeting – I wrote The Meeting for (the now-defunct) Comedybox in 2008. It’s got Beppe in and is all now available on Youtube.

Dirty Blondes – Dirty Blondes is the sketch show I write, bits of it are available around the Internet…

One Man Show (For Two Men) – This is a play written by me and Darren Strange, which we occasionally perform to humans.

I’ve also written for sketch shows including The Treason Show, News Revue, Insult to Injury, and many others. I was a member of the Royal Court Young Writers’ Programme, and won the 2003 Nisi Masa Screenwriting Competition and the 2002 Napalm Screenwriting Competition.