It’s been quite a year for my favourite MP. He stood down as Labour MP for Buckland and Ruttington, and stood up as Conservative candidate, beating himself soundly.

He was then deeply involved in the negotiations over the Coalition Agreement, which he insisted include a stipulation that non-jellied puddings be standard at Cabinet meetings. Political observers believe this to be a jibe at Danny Alexander, who likes nothing more than a bowl of jelly and ice cream after a hard day at the coal face. The coal face made up of newly-redundant teaching assistants.

Anyway, why not look back at how much (fashions, political realities, hairlines) has changed in the last year.

This is A Year In Bowler…

In April he suffered the shame and ignominy of having to resign. For a month.

After the election, his highly publicised spat with Alastair Campbell on Sky News led to his developing an entirely new colour in his cheeks. Scientists have provisionally named it ‘Megapuce’.

Sir Ian is so brilliant at using his computer he accidentally split this overlong video in two. Why not be the first person to ever watch both parts? (Because that would be dull.)

In late summer, Sir Ian was drafted in to help explain the changes in the child benefit system to a perplexed country. He did so by exploiting vulnerable youngsters, much in the same way he solved Buckland’s shocking lack of bootblacks and chimney sweeps.

Sir Ian decided to sing his opposition to the students. Because it rhymed. Sort of.

Enraged by his musical response, the students marched on London, and caught Sir Ian inside Millbank Tower.

Early this year, Sir Ian went on a speaking tour to explain our foreign policy…

And to berate sleepy financial experts.

And just last week he made sure that we all understood AV. What a legend.