Go on, crunch it!

Crunch The News!

So. I’m just packing for Edinburgh.

But I thought you were going to be there the whole month. Weren’t you in some kind of show?

Well, yes. But that’s another story for another time. A time very distant in the future.

However, if any of you would like to see me while I’m up there, I’ll be one of the regular presenters of Crunch The News!

But what’s Crunch The News?

I’m intensely glad you asked. It’s a daily topical comedy show with all sorts of wonderful guests. Guests like Josie Long, Nick Doody, Joe Wells, Kate Smurthwaite, David Mills, Michael Legge, Hils Barker, all together with real life political people. And it’s hosted by people like me, Danielle Ward and John-Luke Roberts. It’s on at 12:20 at the Voodoo Rooms every day, and it will cost you exactly £0 to get in. It’s going to be amazong.

Yes, amazong.

I’ll also be around and about the place doing various other gigs from the 8th to the 23rd. So, why not pop along (to Edinburgh) and see me. That, too, will be amazong.

Here are some of the gigs you could come and see me at, if you’re feeling so inclined…

8th – Spank! (midnight at The Underbelly)

9th – Crunch The News!

10th – Crunch The News!

11th – Crunch The News!

16th – Crunch The News!

17th – Crunch The News!

18th – Crunch The News!

20th – Jim Smallman’s Group Therapy (13:00 Just The Tonic at The Tron)

22nd – The Super Serious Show! (20:55 Assembly Rooms)

There are more, but I’ll fill those in when I find my diary! See you all in Edinburgh!