Award-winning comedy writer-performer teaches people to turn their funny into money, and joke their way out of the credit crunch!

16th August 2010, Redhill, SURREY – A local comedian, Nathaniel Tapley, has begun an innovative new scheme to help people deal with the current financial climate: he’s teaching them to tell – and sell – jokes.

A lot of courses teach people to use comedy to boost their confidence, or to develop interpersonal skills, or just to try something they have always wanted to do. Mine will help you turn a hobby into a career,” he said. “After all, I haven’t had to have a proper job since 2007.”

Nathaniel Tapley has been a full-time comic since 2007, and wants to share some of the skills he has learned with others who might think they can make people laugh, but haven’t yet tried it in public.

He is offering a number of comedy courses, which will be run around Surrey, Sussex, and in Central London. The courses include a special Beginner’s Introductory Course to comedy, which will cover how to generate material, deliver it, as well as markets that have ‘open-door’ policies, allowing anyone to submit jokes, and providing the first steps towards professional comedy.

Other courses are more specialised, and designed at those who have some experience. There are intensive courses in standup and character comedy, as well as courses to help you find places that are looking for comedy writers, and how to format and submit scripts to them. They will cover everything from how to come up with ideas, to when and how you should look for an agent. Full details of the courses can be found here.

Mr Tapley said, “Many people suspect that they would be good at comedy. And there is always a market for truly funny people. My aim is to find some of them and to turn them into comics who can use laughs to clear their overdrafts.”

In a special promotion, any audience members for the In The Gloaming show at Arundel Jailhouse during the Arundel festival (21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 27th August, 7pm) will receive a 50% discount on any Nathaniel Tapley Comedy Course.

ABOUT NATHANIEL TAPLEY: Nathaniel Tapley is an award-winning comedy writer-performer. He has written for television including Tonightly, Gigglebiz and Class, and appeared in Tonightly. He currently writes and directs the In The Gloaming podcasts, which are currently nominated for two Parsec Awards, and have thousands of listeners all over the globe. They can be downloaded for free at


Nathaniel Tapley, 14 Osborne Rd, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 2HX

(07815) 903943

Twitter: Natt