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  • RT @timidheathen: My friend Alex who's not on Twitter wrote this great piece: "The difference is in degree, not in kind. The same toxic min… 1 hour ago
  • RT @FernBrady: .@Lovehoney hey bought new vibrator from you today & no longer need it as I've been cumming so hard from Theresa May's tears… 3 hours ago
  • RT @RealNatalieRowe: @BBCPolitics LET ME REMIND EVERYONE. I was at a Party in the early 90’s where #BorisJohnson came up to me making Monk… 3 hours ago
  • Really tempted to add a " doo *doo* de doo" as she walks back in through the door... 18 hours ago
  • RT @robmanuel: EU: We'lll give you an extension. Do not waste this time. Tories: Let's have a leadership election! Labour: Let's have an el… 21 hours ago