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Two years ago we released the first of the In The Gloaming podcasts, for Hallowe’en 2009. Our original plan was to make six. We got to four. (If you want a list of some of the many things we did wrong, I wrote a long post-mortem here. In fact, if you’re podcasting it is full of useful Dos and Donts. Mainly Donts.)

However, I got to work making half-hour horror comedies with some incredibly talented people. The casts included: Ruth Bratt, Michael Greco, Lizzie Roper, John Voce, John Hopkins, Zoe S Battley, Darren Strange, Sally Chattawa, Emma Powell, and Rachel Stubbings). I got to make one of those people wail “But these are my Beppe shoes!”

Anyway, because nothing is never truly dead on the Internet, and because it’s Hallowe’en, why not download one (or four), and have a creepy, funny Samhain? The Archive with all of the episodes is here. And then tell your friends.

In fact, don’t even bother to do that. Just click down there and start listening right now. Just click. DO what the creepy man says and click. What could possibly go wrong? After all, it’s Hallowe’en…

In The Gloaming may be a corpse, but it’s an animated one.

Sort of.

(Oh, I also have a short story in this month’s issue of Black Static, Britain’s foremost horror magazine, available at all good newsagents. End plug.)

The week before last I made my first short story sales. Although both sales were at ‘pro rates’, they were short shorts, and so aren’t going to allow me to jet off into the sunset just yet.

The first, a piece of Twitter fiction was published by @thaumatrope. If you like stories of fewer than 140 characters, I suggest you follow them immediately. If you want to dig through their timeline to find my story, they published it on February 21st.

The other, somewhat longer story, is being published by Pseudopod and will appear in their podcasts closer to Christmas. The story they’re producing is ‘Hoofprints In The Snow’ which was originally a Minigloam on In The Gloaming and was part of the Black Static Advent Calendar.

Although prose fiction isn’t really one of the things I write, it was nice to get a couple of acceptances, and to tick off one of my aims for 2010…

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