One of the problems with writing a lot of topical comedy (and, in Tonightly, News Revue, the Treason Show, Insult to Injury and other places, I have ended up writing a LOT of topical comedy) is that is very quickly becomes non-topical non-comedy.  Or: just words.

I have reams of paper and digital giga-tonnes of files and folders full of sketches that only made sense for a week in 2004. And weren’t particularly good then.

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to write a topical song about Tiger Woods. Any minute now we’ll all have forgotten who he is, so I thought I’d pop it up here while we can still remember what it is about (sort of).

Here is ‘Big Cat’:

(Of course, one of the joys of topical comedy is that it often doesn’t have to be very good. An audience will laugh from recognition, just because they understand a reference the song is making, or at – as above – a list of knob gags bound together by a simple chord sequence. Maybe I’ll leave the rest of them safely buried on my hard drive…)