The Internet is a weird place.

A while ago I was in a series of sketches for Comedybox and Channelflip called The Very Real Adventures of Batman & Robin. In them, I played Warren a disturbed stoner who attached himself to Batman & Robin, and… Ah, the plot’s not important.

Yesterday, a German electro ‘musician’ called, as far as I can tell, Waterblip, wrote to Jamie (the director) to let him know that he had used samples from the series in his new songs. Mainly me droning “right after we had sex.”

So, if you’re into minimalist Euro-electro with samples from obscure Web comedy serieses put to squelchy beats ad want to hear something vaguely disturbing, I suggest you go to Waterblip’s MySpace page, and listen to the track called ‘Right After’. Alternatively, you could mash yourself in the ears with a dessert spoon for three minutes and 16 seconds.

You know you’ve hit the big time, when you’re being sampled in techno songs…

(Is it still called ‘techno’? You know, the one with the computers…)