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Given all of the hoo-hah that has surrounded his altercation with a constable last week, Bowler is apologising again. Like he did after calling that nurse a ‘fat-faced ultradiv’.

The other day I went to see the delightful Rachel Stubbings in her show Stubbing Out Problems (3:00, Underbelly Daisy, Bristo Square). It was excellent. A real treat. And afterwards we made this:

If you happen to be up here, other things that are very worth your time (bearing in mind my character comedy predilections) are Marcel Lucont’s Gallic Symbol (22:25, Underbelly Cowgate), Anna Morris’ Dolly Mixtures (15:20, Voodoo Rooms French Quarter), Josie Long’s Romance & Adventure (18:00, PLeasance) and Battle Acts (00:30, Three Sisters, Maggie’s Chamber).

Last night, Marcel Lucont and Sir Ian Bowler, MP, got together at Topical Cream. They made this:

Hello! I’m doing a couple of shows next week, and I’ve made trailers for them. If I’ve not whored them at you on Twitter, Facebook, or by email, here they are!

Here’s the trailer for An Evening With Sir Ian Bowler & Guests:

It opens tomorrow, at the Hen and Chickens theatre. All of the details are here.

And here’s the trailer for One Man Show (For Two Men):

And you can find all of the details here.

Thank you for your time, and it would be lovely to see you at some point this week…

There’s a new Ian Bowler video out.

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