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  • RT @edmorrish: My friend Sarah is a very funny comedian and also a vaccination steward (seeing how there’s no live comedy to do). She was m… 2 hours ago
  • RT @alexvtunzelmann: One aspect of the last year that I think should be getting more attention: the effect of lockdowns on radicalisation.… 3 hours ago
  • RT @stavvers: so cool how they've stopped even pretending to care about children's mental health now they've decided to shovel them all bac… 3 hours ago
  • RT @jlukeroberts: So, let me get this right: mermaids are cool, centaurs are cool, but sheeple are the *opposite* of cool?? This doesn't ma… 9 hours ago
  • RT @jakeyapp: Hello! Are you #vegan-curious? Full-blown herbivore? Is there a food you miss that you'd like veganised? Or a recipe you're s… 9 hours ago