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Sir Ian Bowler explains what a ‘coalition’ is to the dullards at Wordia…

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  • From now on I shall call him Nigel Fartrump. 5 hours ago
  • RT @DavidGWrigley: Every voter in country needs to see this as a total failure by Tory govt to look after our NHS - it is falling apart htt… 5 hours ago
  • If I never hear another word about the Labour Party it will be four million years too soon. 5 hours ago
  • This is an actual sentence used by an actual human to convey an actual emotion: "My thunderballs are out on this one, quite truthfully." 6 hours ago
  • RT @afterglow2046: Stranger Things game: guess who'd be cast if this really was an 80s B-movie This guy= thankless Harry Carey Jr role http… 6 hours ago

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