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Sir Ian Bowler explains what a ‘coalition’ is to the dullards at Wordia…

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  • RT @AbiWilks: Here's the speech I gave at a Momentum/Morning Star organised event on dealing with media bias hours ago
  • RT @BenDunnell: If you're watching #bbcqt and had forgotten that Rod Liddle beat up his pregnant girlfriend, here's your reminder. 12 hours ago
  • "He doesn't represent the white working class." Maybe if you think of yourself as "white working class" you don't deserve representation? 12 hours ago
  • Oh no, it's Warrior's Gate, but I've committed to sitting on his lap, now... 12 hours ago
  • Judging by the theme tune, the man opposite is watching late 1970s Doctor Who on his phone. Shall I go and cuddle up next to him? 12 hours ago